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This and that:

Apparently MLB is investigating some of the terms of this deal. The Dodgers apparently have formed a "dummy" company to produce the games so that they don't have to pay as much in revenue sharing money. The story said the plan was to pay this dummy company money for producing the games, lowering the Dodgers income but in reality the Dodgers OWN the dummy company.

Same **** the Braves pulled off years ago claiming they weren't getting a lot for their TV rights but that's because they deliberately sold the rights to the station that had close ties with them and that was willing to share that money back with them. (nudge, nudge...wink, wink...SAY no more!)

Yep the owners are losing money.

Regarding a la cart, for what it's worth, from my interview with Bob Grim, the director of broadcast operations with the Sox:

ML: One final area to discuss regarding satellite coverage of baseball. A few years ago, I read about a lawsuit filed by some Cleveland Browns fans living in Florida against the NFL and DirecTV over their Sunday Ticket package. Now I donít know if said lawsuit was dismissed or if itís still going through the legal process, but what those fans were suing over was the fact that they had to pay for the entire package even though the only team they wanted to watch was the Browns. Do you think there will be a time where if a Sox fan living in New Mexico for example, just wanted to get the Sox games, they could?

BG: ďI think satellite companies would be a la carted to death if something like that happened so they probably wonít do it. And today with so many options I think most fans can probably find the game they want to see somewhere. In this area there was a lot of controversy over the cable companies not picking up the Big Ten Network but really there wasnít a lot of backlash with it because fans were able to find most of those games somewhere.Ē

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