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Originally Posted by white sox bill View Post
Back in the 70's, we had some good relief pitchers, most recall Gossage and Forster, but I always like Cy Acosta who was a pint sized Hispanic that was very good for a season or two. Without googling him, not sure whatever bacame of him.

The other 2 were Ed Herrmann because he wrote me personally after I offered to start his fan club (I was all of maybe 10) and then Lloyd Allen a obscure releiver that had but a handfull of games w/the Sox
Yes Cy Acosta was my first Sox hero, after my brother explained it was a GOOD thing that Acosta was getting everybody out. (As a child I liked to see hits and homers, did not understand both sides of the game.)

As an adult, my main disappointments were Rocky Biddle, Jon Rauch (we obviously gave up on him too soon) and Danny Wright.
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