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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Eh, I don't think it is as weak as you think. Jones and Reed are pretty solid and I thought Webb and Petricka did a decent job from the right side last year considering it was their rookie year. Also, there is talk of putting Rienzo in the bullpen if he doesn't win a starter job which would further bolster the pen. I think that ultimately might be the best spot for him since he seems to be more of a two pitch guy. They could definitely use a lefty though. I don't really trust David Purcey in a tight ballgame and Donnie Veal is very inconsistent. Overall though, I do agree that having a veteran like Lindstrom always helps, I just wonder if it precludes them from spending elsewhere.
You might be right, but when you are looking to Reed and Jones for veteran leadership out of the bullpen, I think the bullpen could be thin on experience. There are so many little things that go into building a successful baseball team, and pitching is such a fragile commodity. I think a little more experience like Lindstrom's would mean enough that the Sox should want him back.

It's possible the Sox could find more veteran bullpen help this off-season, and the Sox could find what Lindstrom should bring to the team in a cheaper contract. Relief pitchers are often part of multiplayer deals. But at this point, if you're deciding whether to pick up Lindstrom's option, I think the Sox made the expected decision.
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