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Originally Posted by DubuqueSox View Post
Bumgarner had a better ERA this season than Wheeler did, more starts, more innings, more strikeouts, etc. Plus, he has had a far better career. He might be the best World Series pitcher ever. Wheeler has never pitched in the postseason. I really don't understand all the love for Wheeler and all the disdain for Bumgarner, who is just one year older.

Steve Stone has tweeted that Bumgarner would be a great addition, and he is exactly right on that point.

ERA is not a stat I'd use to discuss pitchers because it can very significantly based on luck, defenses, and quality of bullpen. I prefer FIP and xFIP, which take those into account to give the truest possible measure of how a pitcher is throwing. In both, he's a mid/back rotation 4 FIP starter.

Look, I'd be all for him under certain circumstances. Like if we went out and got an ace to slot in front of Giolito, and then brought in MadBum on a one year deal to compete with Lopez for the fifth starter spot...then yes, that would be a great deal. But hoping he's anything more than that is just extreme wishful thinking.

Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
It's actually down 1.3 ticks and I'm not sure why you would say "he's not good anymore". His peripherals are still very solid.

His peripherals are solid for a back end starter.

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