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Originally Posted by tstrike2000 View Post
Besides the usual errors, we're also among the league leaders in passed balls. Just more categories this team doesn't need to be in.
After the passed ball cost the Sox the go-ahead run tonight, I came up with a great idea for a promotion: Tyler Flowers Bobblehands Doll Night. Maybe I'll email Brooks.

Flowers is Chris Snopek in catcher's gear. This reminds me of 1998 when the organization tried to dupe us fans into believing Snopek would be an adequate replacement for Robin Ventura. Nonsense. Now, the organization is trying to tell us Flowers is an adequate replacement for A.J. Pierzynski. Nonsense. Flowers is a marginal player, a career backup at best. He does not excel in any aspect of the game. End of story. He's only getting an opportunity because he's cheap and happened to be hanging around. He's done nothing to earn an everyday job.

It's time for Robin to make some changes. Start with dropping Dunn down in the batting order. I know they won't bench him, but can we at least reduce the number of ABs he gets by batting him eighth? Move Tank up. He can swing the bat.

When Beckham comes back, Keppinger plays 3B against left-handed pitching only. Otherwise, he rides the pine. I know Beckham isn't a good hitter, but look at how badly the infield defense is suffering without him. Keppinger stinks at 2B. Greene had an atrocious night in the field this evening.

And why the hell isn't Konerko playing 1B? I realize neither Konerko nor Dunn have any range, but Paulie is simply a better defender. He doesn't embarrass himself over there around the bag like Dunn does.
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