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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Perhaps someone here can enlighten me but I just don't understand why this happened. Not just the losing, but the stupid I don't give a damn baseball. So many things seemed to improve in Robin's first year until the September collapse. They carried that over big time into this year. Why?
The offense just plain imploded. You just can't have a guy like Dunn batting 3rd or 4th, that along with PK in the twi-lite of his career and very un- productive making for a horrible middle of the lineup. Add in players who have no clue of what a good at bat is. The pitching was good enough to contend but with some of the dumbest hitters in the game like Alexei, DeAza and the Tank stinking up the place, we were doomed. Losing AJ and hoping Flowers was ready was a huge mistake. The only pickup was Keppinger, no comment on him. I think the players brought their hitting troubles out to the field with them thus the loss of concentration which led to a ton of errors and bonehead plays.
The rebuilding job is going to be monumental, good luck to Hahn.
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