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Originally Posted by AZChiSoxFan View Post
I totally agree with your last point. You can still have ushers at the top of walkways for the lower level seats, that check for ticket stubs religiously, to make sure that only people with LL seats are sitting there. But to not even allow people to walk around on the LL is just over the top.

For me, the bottom line is this. Certain owners are known as people who actually like their fans and want to get more of them to come and buy their product. I don't view JR as one of those guys.
This is the point I'm trying to make.. You make a little bit of extra dollars by shutting an area off for a small group. may lose future business by those who were rubbed the wrong way by this practice. The same with the 500 level policy. Maybe someone who would have paid $20 for an Upper Deck ticket is forced to spend an extra $10 now because they really prefer the lower bowl. However..for every person that does that..there are probably 2 or 3 that would have bought an UD ticket in the past and went to the lower bowl concourse..that just no longer bothers buying that ticket in the 1st place. Pre UD policy I went to about 15 Upper Deck games a year and about 3 Lower Bowl games a year. Now I go to about 2 Upper Deck games a year and 4 Lower Bowl games a year. The policy has not made me buy more lower bowl tickets..but has actually made me buy less UD tickets and go to less games overall.

The Sox can be very fan friendly...but then they will put very foolish rules in place that cancels out all goodwill such as the Upper Deck policy and shutting off areas to the park for private parties. don't necessarily remember the good things the Sox do..but will remember the time they went to a game..or bought a friend to a game for the first time, spent a small fortune and then ran into a restricted area and felt shut out. I think the Sox should review the UD policy they have. I'm not the only fan who goes to less UD games and less games overall since this policy took effect.
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