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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Eddie Stanky didn't manage in the minors. Leo Durocher didn't, and he is in the Hall of Fame as a manager. The last Indians World Series championship was won by a manager who was hired with no minor league managerial experience. The last manager to manage the White Sox to a World Series championship had no minor league managing experience. Tony LaRussa, though, was in his second season as a minor league manager when he was hired by the White Sox, but Harry Caray used to say he was only hired to save money because Bill Veeck was too cheap to hire a real manager.

The game has changed a lot since. And not just the game, but the economics. I think if a guy truly wants to be a manager (even if he was a great player aka Ryne Sandberg) he needs to work his way up. That shows a love of the game and the need to learn all facets. And it may also be a personal financial incentive for some who didn't make a butt load of money (or just blew it all) to do what it takes to win.

Or look at from what I think is Robin's perspectve. Here he is, retired from baseball for 5 years, enjoying the good life with my his loving wife of a long time and two teen age daughters. Living n beautiful California, driving the kids two school, hanging with the famiy, living stress free since he has banked $55MM during his playing days and my guess is was probably smart enough not to blow through it--ie his daughters are probably financially secure if he choose them to be.

Then one day a GM calls him and asks to meet with him. At the meeting he is offered a ML Manager job. Now keep in mind Robin wasn't out there looking for one. So what goes through Robins' head. Something like this:

"The game I love and miss has offered me one of only 30 available jobs. They will even pay me a mid-high six figure salary. Along with this comes the perk that I am being handed the job and don't have to work my way up to it like just about all other managers in the last 10 years have. Of course I'll take it. It gets me back in the game I love. I get to make some extra money. I don't have to pay me dues. My boss is going to lay off of me because they know my previous experience and they came to me with the offer, not vice versa. Of course I'll give it a shot. I'm only in my upper 40's. Don't want to get too bored."

I would do the same thing. Someone wants to pay me a lot of money to do something I love, even if I have never done it before and I'll jump at it in heart beat. And it's all because I scored high on some alleged leadership test in 1998.

KW messed this up big time. Why a team would invest $100MM+ in payroll and not bring in an experienced proven winner is beyond me.

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