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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
People keep saying this, but that's what they avoided doing this year and attendance still declined, including the pathetic September showing when the team was in first damn place!
Well put.

They could tear down, but it looks like Rios, Ramirez and Viciedo are the only good trade chips that could bring back quality inexpensive players/prospects.

Dunn's contract, Paul's age and 10/5 rights and Danks' injury and salary the next few years would make them a tough sell, and we'd have to either eat dollars or take a bad contract in return.

Also, we gave lots of playing time to young replacement level and above players this season, so I think the Sox philosophy recently is to add a few young players in each year and let older non-core expensive players go as to not affect the gate while getting younger and cheaper over a number of years.
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