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Originally Posted by PaleHoser View Post
My son just called me about this deal. He got his Escobar's mixed up and thought these guys were going to Kansas City.

I'm thrilled he was wrong.

Regarding Buehrle, even if he can demand a trade I don't think Toronto can find any takers without eating a big part of that contract. I love Burls, but not at $19M per year for the last two years of his deal.

I love seeing the Blue Jays make this deal. Maybe we won't see the Yankees or Red Sox in the post season next year.

And as long as the Marlins are having another fire sale and seem to like Blue Jays prospects, how about Nestor Molina for Giancarlo Stanton?

And once they're done with the trades, can Bud Selig force Jeff Loria by invoking the "best interests of baseball" clause in his powers? He's a disgrace to the game and wonders why the Marlins can't draw. He's lower than whale ****.
I agree with you that Selig should veto the trade. As a matter of fact, no trades similar to this should be allowed ever again because it is bad for baseball. If you allow this trade, the Sawx-Dodgers trade sets a new, dangerous precedent for MLB.
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