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Originally Posted by ChiTownTrojan
Are the service time rules the same for international free agents like Robert? Also, could someone explain the difference between Robert's deal and Jose Abreu's, who basically got what seemed like a regular 4-year free agent contract?
All the rules stay the same.

5 years before Rule 5 eligibility necessitates a promotion to the 40-man (4 years if age 19 or older when original contract was signed)

3 option years before necessary promotion to 25-man (4 years if player has completed fewer than 5 full seasons in the minors, excluding rookie and short-season A leagues with seasons shorter than 90 days)

2 or 3 years before arbitration eligibility (2 years if player’s service time total falls within the top 22% of players in the 2.000-to-2.171 service time class)

6 years before free agency eligibility
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