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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I am not worried about the slow starts from our top prospects in Birmingham.

1. Regions Field is notorious for being the place where would-be home runs go to die;

2. Adolfo, Rutherford, and Gonzalez are all new to AA, and itís understandable they would need time to adjust, particularly since the jump from A+ to AA is the toughest jump in the minors (exceeded only by the difficulty of the jump from AAA to the majors);

3. 10 days of cold bats to start the season is more noticeable but ultimately less worrisome than 10 days of cold bats in the middle of the season.
I have a gut feeling Gonzalez will make it out of the glut of outfielders.

Greatest Arsenal goal I have ever witnessed. Chills to this day watching it.