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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Entered the stadium at 3:00- no schedule or rally towel- game is ALWAYS a sell out- no excuses.

I tend to be very nitpicky on this stuff- I've been to 20+ ballparks around the majors- and you just don't see this stuff at other stadiums.

I live halfway between The Cell and Miller Park- so I go to 4-5 Brewers games every year- they are one my adopted NL teams- the whole way they run the event on game day blows way the White Sox experience- its not even close (parking & traffic flow, promotional giveaways, quality & variety of food and beverages, access to good scoreboard info/visibility, etc.).

When I go to a Brewers game the day/night before a White Sox game- the contrast is "jolting".

They probably ran out of the magnetic scheules because they weren't actually handing them out. They just had them in stacks and people were grabbing as many as they wanted. I think it confused the ticket takers as they had to scan the ticket, hand out the game card, hand out the rally towel, and hand out the magnetic scheudle all at once.
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