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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Entered the stadium at 3:00- no schedule or rally towel- game is ALWAYS a sell out- no excuses.

I tend to be very nitpicky on this stuff- I've been to 20+ ballparks around the majors- and you just don't see this stuff at other stadiums.

I live halfway between The Cell and Miller Park- so I go to 4-5 Brewers games every year- they are one my adopted NL teams- the whole way they run the event on game day blows way the White Sox experience- its not even close (parking & traffic flow, promotional giveaways, quality & variety of food and beverages, access to good scoreboard info/visibility, etc.).

When I go to a Brewers game the day/night before a White Sox game- the contrast is "jolting".
When I was in Milwaukee for the Sox series a couple of years ago, I entered a parking lot to a long line and they waved me to another line but no one actually took my money so I parked in a lot for free.
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