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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Hold on- the Reds rotation, which missed a total of 1 start last year, has injury concerns? And serious ones? Yeah there are concerns about how Chapman will hold up as a starter. At this point I'm surprised that you haven't been hired by any Major League teams given your apparently incontrovertible knowledge of who is a lock to get hurt.
yourself. I didn't say anyone in particular was a lock to get hurt. I said they have injury concerns. Based on injuries to the rotation last year. Between Latos having a dead arm for half the season and Cueto having back spasms, I didn't think this would be quite as controversial.

Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
When you buy Lottery tickets you pick your numbers, right? After all, that crystal ball of yours is amazingly accurate!
The Lotto asks me to divine the numbers before the drawings, actually.
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