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Back to the original thread topic, i.e., Rios hitting third, and/or other suggestions:

Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
I'm a fan of....

DeAza<-------Best leadoff since Raines/Durham IMO
Beckham<-----hopefully sees a lot of FBs w/ DeAza onbase.
Paulie<-----Perfect #3, good eye, power, contact, avg....
Dunn<-----"swing bat hard ball go far"
Rios<----Can knock in runs if Dunn Ks......
Keppy<-----like the bat control w/ Rios in front of him.
Ramirez<----back to silver slugger form....I hope....
Viciedo<------30HR from the 8 spot.
Flowers<-------Give me .250/20/60 I'm happy
I'm all for this lineup. If Keppinger must bat 2nd, I would send Beckham to 8th moving the Cubans to 6th and 7th.
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