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Originally Posted by sox1970 View Post
You heard Buddy Bell on White Sox Weekly.
Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I heard someone on the WSCR (not sure who- but it was a pro not a a random caller)- saying Phegley was one of the top players in AAA right now.

In the International League- He's #4 in HRs (1 behind leader), #11 in RBIs, #4 OPS
Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
To be fair, you have to explain the entire context of that segment.

Hawk has notoriously taken the stance that scouting means everything and numbers mean nothing. He has been very all or nothing.

However, despite the fact that no scouting report has Phegley as any kind of real prospect, and most indicate he is a career back up at best (nor is he a top 10 spec, or a top 100/300 prospect etc). His numbers have been very good for a small sample size.

So what B & B were ripping on was not Phegley, but the idea that here, numbers were being used BY HAWK to discount SCOUTING, which kind of makes Hawk a hypocrite in this case....
Well that's not what I remember of Bernstein's comments. The conversation I heard Bernstein bashed Phegley, made some snarky comment(s) about how Phegley was not a prospect. Bernstein bashed Phegley as a way to bash Hawk. That's the way I took it.

As I said, I don't put much weight into Hawk's comment on prospects. But Bernstein's smug, condescending attitude and he's dismissive comments are tiresome to me. I'll take Hawk over Bernstein. Hawk to me is like Harry Caray, a fun, goofy clownish character. Bernstein is just a ...

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