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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
Regardless, I wouldn't get worked up over anything Dan & Terry say. They've found a niche in the sports radio scene, taking the dumbest callers possible and then extrapolating that to an entire sports community. It gets them ratings and business-wise it's done them well.

With regards to Phegley, while he's not one of the top prospects in baseball, to dismiss him as organizational filler is silly and uninformed. He will get a shot in the majors (which is an accomplishment in itself) and may even stick with the big club. He's a good kid, a hard worker and went through some serious adversity early in his career.
He's 25- a little old for a AAA prospect- but those stats on offense sure look like a guy who has had a break through.

As far as Bernstein goes- he's a tool. He's one of those annoying new parents who thinks everything their young child does is fascinating- and he bores his listeners with that b.s., he goes out of his way to berate his callers- he lost me forever a few years ago- when he (I kid you not) did a whole segment on "What are your most annoying errors when it comes to grammar?" (i.e. your vs. you're, etc.)- lasted at least 20 minutes.
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