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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
That's crazy they think the Sox have faded in June. The Sox are 5-6 this month, which is pretty consistent with their season-long body of work.
I guess maybe the sweep in Anaheim is on their minds since that seemed to capture more national attention than the Sox usually warrant; fueled mostly by the Angels big comeback win on Saturday and the Trout GS off Sale were big news that weekend.

Of course, anyone paying close attention (note: I am not judging another team's announcers for not following the Sox day in and day out) would have noticed that sweep was bookended with two really good series against the Dodgers and then Tigers.

I can't believe anyone thinks this team has any sort of sweeping personality at this point; we're 68 games into the season (75 calendar days if I counted correctly) and the Sox have been within a 4-game window (+2 or -2 of .500) for literally the entire season with the exception of two days (14-17 on May 3 and 19-22 on May 13)...

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