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I think the new cap is ugly and I can't imagine it being paried up with the current black/gray uniforms. I'm hoping the 83' uniforms are not used again this season as I think that ship has sailed. It seems Reinsdorf and the executive brass have a soft spot for those uniforms as they represent their first market-facing impact on the franchise after their taking ownership.

In hindsight, they were better than the pajamas/shorts era, but not by much and certainly no better than the current uniforms.

I do wish they would tweak the current black/silver set and make some corrections/changes. First, bring back the diamond patch on the road jerseys and then decide what type of trim should be on the road grays. The jerseys have the older, traditional tuxedo stripe trim on the arms but the pants have a single black pin stripe. Either bring back the tuxedo stripe on the pants or remove it from the jerseys and add a black pin stripe. I can't believe a major league team can't figure that out. Maybe even add a black cap with a grey bill, similar to the BP caps.

Second, I would like to see two alternate black jerseys. I would like to see the road black alternate have a Chicago scipt similar to the road grays and the home black SOX alternate jersey should be like the original home alternate black jerseys with no trim on the sleeves. I think that matches up better with the home pinstripe pants. I was never a fan of the vests, especially the fake ones with the black sleeves sewn on.

Third, I would like to see an actual specific Sunday only home uniform. I think a solid white uniform with black piping, similar to the Detroit Tigers home uniforms, would look pretty cool.

I understand the need to push merchandise and to wear alternate caps. I get it from a marketing standpoint because how many black SOX caps can the average fan purchase over 20+ seasons? I just wish the SOX would try experimenting with the current set of uniforms instead of relyining on the 83 softball uniforms.
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