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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Jansen, Miller Chapman all hit the market. Even if the Sox had a premium reliever they'd be in the same position but with a few more wins. That's a move you make when you are ready to win.
The FO has got to develop young pitching - there are no shortcuts.
This is the FO that thought Samardzija was a top of the rotation starter, thought Shields was an effective starter, held Noesi for over a season yet jettisoned Junior Guerra after a couple of bullpen appearances, signed Latos, Holland and the list goes on and on. And in one of the lesser transgressions, chose Robertson over Miller (at least Robertson was a good pitcher).
Develop young pitching.
Only Shark and Shields were brought on when the Sox were hoping to compete. The rest have all been sign and flip candidates. Signed on the cheap hoping to catch lightning in a bottle and flip for a younger player. Guerra is 33 and didn't make the majors until he was 29 also, not like they were going to give him years to figure it out and he might well be done by the time this team is ready to compete. Nice that he's having a good year for Milwaukee but last year he was a replacement level pitcher for them.

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