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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
You mean the same David Ortiz who hit over .300 the last two years with OPS's of .953 and 1.024? Great comparison. The only thing he produced less of than Dunn the last two years was boos, groans, clinched chests and cool breezes.
This isn't 2004 David Ortiz we are talking about. The 2012 version is 37 years old, de-juiced, and hurt all the time. This Ortiz cannot play the field during interleague games and despite all of this, he got a 2 year extension for almost the same money Dunn is earning. I made the comparison based upon left handed hitting DHs making similar money to illustrate a point that GMs wouldn't hesitate to commit to 2 years of Dunn's salary to add left handed 40HRs, 100RBIs, and 100walks to their lineup. There aren't many left handed DHs with Dunn's power production. I stand by my comparison.
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