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A few years back I made a Cubs fan angry, no make that livid with me when I suggested something similar to what is being discussed in this thread. I made the sacreligious argument that despite all the hype Wrigley Field had become an albatross that was contributing heavily to a century of futility. I still believe that. If I were the Ricketts I would pursue this option aggressively. A short term PR disaster probably. A long term benefit quite possibly. As a rule I don't like to stereotype people, there is so much of that these days. Nonetheless I suppose I will break my own rule and say I have noticed since the late 50's a strong pollyanna streak that runs in Cub fandom. Give them a new park that pays homage to the old while having some badly needed accoutrements of the modern era and they will still come. In time so will the tourists. If Theo, Jed and Co can pull it off on the field then look out. An unpopular stance on my part no doubt, but I'm sticking to it. As a Sox fan I hope they keep stumbling along like they have been.
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