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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
He didn't but he was the 14th overall pick by the Brewers back in 2010 as a prep and then a 4th rounder three years later. At one point, he was fairly well-regarded as a prospect and is just entering his prime (26).

Good article in the Trib today about how Covey's no longer afraid of attacking the strike zone. That's what I really like about him and Fry. Both trust their defense to make plays behind them and don't nibble. They just throw strikes. I hope Giolito takes note. I'd rather a pitcher be aggressive and get lit up then give up a bunch of free passes and allow hitters to feast on their 'get me over' stuff.

Do pitchers get paid by the number of pitches thrown or by their wins and loses?

A pitcher has to be told to be aggressive and attack the strike zone?
“There were a few hard rules, but everybody was unique, and he understood that. George’s great strength was he didn’t overcoach. There’s no place for panic on the mound.” - Jim Palmer on George Bamberger “Arms and the man,” Sports Illustrated, April 19, 2004