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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I'm not complaining about anything, my position has been pretty firm, when you start throwing in arbitrary lines as to who qualifies as a "real" 2B and who doesn't, you start arbitrarily eliminating data so you're only hope is to compare players against the entire league. So even if there are 21 qualified 2B in the league and Beckham is in the bottom 2/3rd of that group, that still means 9 teams didn't even have a player good enough to qualify for the position, so we're still talking about a guy who gives the Sox better production that what? 12-15 teams in baseball? Sounds like an average player for his position to me.
Fair enough. At 2B I'd rather have:

Cano, Pedroia, Hill, Utley, Walker, Scutaro, Phillips, Kinsler, Altuve, Murphy, Kendrick, Espinosa, Kipnis, Carpenter, and Zobrist (getting about a 1/3 of his PT this year at 2B).

That's 15 guys of 30 teams, and average would be half.

That says nothing of prospects I would rather have over Beckham, like Wong or Gyorko.
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