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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
So they disagree with your personal percieved strength between the Sox and M's.

I gotta say, it's somewhat hilarious to have people who earlier in the thread were so adamant that it's impossible to forecast baseball can be so adamant that there's no way the Mariners could be better than the Sox this year. Pretty god damn hilarious.
Well, you've been trying to dance around it because you don't want to look like you are making personal jabs, but since nobdoy else has yet commented on their odds ZOMG! You're talking about me. No need to hide behind "some people".

I don't believe I said that it's impossible to forecast baseball, but it is very difficult as there are two many variables. However, whatever BP uses to forecast wins is, at least when it comes to the Sox, is clearly very flawed. That's not really disputable. Furthermore, the Mariners could be better than the Sox. I didn't say it was impossible. Hell, the Astros could make it in. I'm not going to make up numbers to show that I am some fake authority on it, but it's possible. Anyway,all things considered (strengths, weaknesses, other teams in the division), it would be silly to think that even if the Mariners were more talented than the Sox, they would have a better chance of making it in.
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