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Originally Posted by pudge View Post
My point being, sometimes these types of seasons need to happen, and they can be easier to deal with because you let it go for a year or two and return when the franchise gets it's act together. (By "return" I mean watching games regularly.)

Ventura never wanted this role. For all the praise, he needs to show he actually wants to do this. His team died on him last year after being in first for 100 games, and they are one of the worst Sox teams ever this year.
Bingo.. My sentiments exactly.

Major MLB Market. Big City. Large Fanbase.. ability to spend $$$.. Close to the worst team in MLB despite being in the top 10 in payroll.. Tampa and Pittsburgh with a mere fraction that payroll and contending... it's downright shocking, yet .. I'll stop now, but .. what Pudge said.. sometimes these seasons need to happen
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