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Things are not well on the South Side. Our minor league "stars" are struggling to hit .200, and our everyday squad up here could not be any worse. Just ask the Swamp Donkey himself. And to make things even sadder, we have the absolute worst announcer(s) in all of baseball. What exactly did they "fix" in Hawk and Stoney's chat in the off-season? Hawk has done nothing but get worse and seems to be taking a page out of the Ozzie Guillen handbook of bridge-burning and daring someone to fire his insufferable butt.

Gilaspie plays like he's afraid of being interviewed after the game (which is actually a good thing, believe me), he will grind out at-bat's, and he didn't cost us a thing. I'll take it, especially at the hot corner. But beyond that, Sale is not a sure thing, Alexei hasn't looked like his 2008 self since...well, 2008 and trying to find a beacon in the darkness after that will just make you sad. Finally, if Gordon Beckham is still looked upon next season as part of "our core" to build around, no -- scratch that -- if he is our starting 2nd basemen next year I will be really sad.

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