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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
In my opinion it's already starting to change, ten years ago there would be no way a pitcher with a 13-12 record could win a Cy Young but Felix Hernandez won it a few years ago with a 13-12 record. Blyleven had no chance of getting in 10-15 years ago but the saber lovers made a good argument helping him finally get in. 10-15 years in the future will more tha likely be even more saber heavy.
Right, and that's all good, but you're apparently mistaking the fact that sabermetric folk don't much care for W-L record with the notion that sabermetric folk value having an average W-L record. Felix didn't win the Cy Young because they looked at his record and were like, "13-12? HIT THAT ****!" They genuinely didn't care what his record was because his supporting numbers were so dominant, your brain would have to be filled with rotting cheese to have voted for someone else. Similarly with Blyleven, it wasn't that they came around and creamed their pants over his +37 W-L record, it's that they came around to their senses and noted, ****, this guy that has the 5th most strikeouts of all time and 12th best WAR for P probably should be in the Hall of Fame regardless of this random number that is highly influenced by his teammates when he's either A) not on the mound or B) already pulled from the game and essentially is a completely worthless metric for pitcher evaluation. None of these would help Buehrle, whose volume of work just isn't remarkable outside of his durability.

Also, before we get to far ahead of ourselves in the Saber vs. Traditionalist War, remember the BBWAA gave the AL MVP last season to Miguel Cabrera despite the fact it's essentially impossible to show he had a better season than Mike Trout, other than leading the league in 3 offensive categories, 2 of which are basically useless unless you've been holding your fingers in your ears and singing during the last 20 or so years of baseball research.

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