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Originally Posted by Noneck
I think more so than any other relief position.
The plan only works if you can find a rival GM to pay a premium for a largely superfluous stat. I give Rick Hahn a lot of credit for doing this once already with the Addison Reed trade, but I wouldn't count on lightning striking twice. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if we can become a closer grooming factory and flip young guys like Nate Jones (after this year) or Daniel Webb (a few years down the road) if they can duplicate Reed's success. As for Lindstrom, he is probably better off remaining in Jesse Crain's former role as the primary RH setup man. He's comfortable as a setup man, he will probably succeed barring injury, and that will keep his trade value high at the deadline.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.
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