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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
If his name wasn't Robin Ventura it wouldn't even be up for debate- he'd be fired the day after the season ended.

It's a horrible team- but he has shown no evidence (starting last September) that he's a legitimate major league manager and that (at a minimum) he can get his team to play solid fundamental baseball with any kind of energy.

For me- he's in Terry Bevington/Larry Doby/Paul Richards ('76) territory as a manager.

If he's back- along with Dunn for 2014- the White Sox will be back to 1988-89 or 1998-1999 in terms of attendance, etc.

The current vintage of the White Sox is the biggest test of my fan loyalty that I can remember- I hate the Cubs and Brewers are pretty "blah"- so I stay- but from the major league roster and manager to the stadium operation and customer service to the marketing and announcers- this franchise is a complete wreck.
Wasn't he the manager from April-September last year? If it's his fault they didn't play well, wouldn't it be his fault they exceeded expections? To me, you are cherry-picking. You only count when the team is bad, and ignore they were in first place last season with a roster that many thought was short.

It's short now, and to complain that it is his fault they are losing after trading Peavy and Rios and Crain and Thornton, is ridiculous. Paulie has been beat up and a shell of his former self. What manager would be getting wins out of this roster right now? Just name one.
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