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Originally Posted by #1swisher View Post
Scott Merkins' Inbox

Pierzynski: The White Sox want Pierzynski back, and he has made it clear he wants to come back.

Flowers: If Flowers isn't penciled in as the team's starter or backing up Pierzynski, where a working bond has been formed, then he doesn't seem to really make sense with the White Sox.

Floyd: Teams win titles on pitching, so a valuable veteran hurler such as Floyd won't be given up because they have a perceived excess. It would indicate to me that the White Sox have the ultimate trust in the untested pitchers in their system, such as Andre Rienzo and Simon Castro, if Floyd is moved and no other veteran starter is added.

Morel: His back improved, to the point of Morel getting consistent at-bats with Triple-A Charlotte. Until Morel gets out on the field in February in Arizona, the White Sox won't totally add him into the equation.
Good stuff. Interesting about Flowers.