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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
I'm probably in the minority here but it doesn't matter where the Sox play to me, I don't care if its in the middle of a parking lot or in Addison or in some great neighborhood in the city. I go to the park for 2 reasons, to see the team I have had a love affair with for over 60 years and to see them win. Nothing else matters, I don't need exploding scoreboards or sausage races or ear deafening rock music. I don't need a ballpark surrounded by restaurants and bars. I still get up there every 2 years or so and the trip is always planned after looking at the schedule to make sure the Sox are in town. We make it over to TB every year also to see the Sox. What I do want from the Sox are a competitive team, fair prices for tickets, fair parking fees and concessions. I also love organ music at the park, Nancy was the greatest.
Right, but we're the diehard fans, the Sox aren't, and shouldn't, be marketing to us, we're going to come to games no matter what. The problem is the Sox right now probably draw, on average, 5% of the fairweather/tourist market in Chicago because if the team's not winning, there really is no other reason to go to a game at the Cell.

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