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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The Blackhawks analogy does not really work. They did not bring in someone from outside the organization to understand why things were going wrong and correct their ways. They built their team like a few others have, stink for years and get top picks. Setting aside the line about ownership, which will lead to disagreements about credit here, the team stunk for years and got back to back #1 overall picks. They drafted Kane and Toews and successfully built talent around them. While baseball is not as dependent on top picks as is any other sport, the Sox have not sucked for years to continuously get the top pick of talent at the top of the draft. My guess right now is that they'll be picking somewhere around #5 in the 2014 draft. Here's to hoping they can get someone a lot better than Gordon Beckham, and to getting much needed top talent in the organization as a whole.
I think the analogy does work. The point is this: First you have to admit something is wrong before you fix it. I do not think it is a coincidence that things turned around after Rocky Wirtz took over. It was a whole new mind set - and look at the results.

My point is this - The Sox have been on the same pattern. Build up the team, have some success, then watch everything fall apart. There has to be a reason this keeps happening. And it needs to stop.
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