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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The best thing, I think, that could happen to the Sox this season would be a team claiming Dunn on waivers the way the Sox claimed Rios. I'm hoping that's not the longshot it seems because it would make improving the team so much easier. The Sox have some strong pitching, even if this roadtrip didn't display it. Filling in offensive holes is easier than finding pitching. The offense needs to severely cut down on the strikeouts and do a better job of making line-drive contact.
This is I agree with and might be the only reason I'm optimistic about this team, along with future payroll flexibility. I would like to see them deal a couple older players this year for younger position players who can at least hit at a league-average level and play good D (not superstars, just slightly better versions of Conor Gillespie). I am confident in the organization's ability to find and/or develop pitching, as that seems their sole strength.
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