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Default 30 Years Ago Today - Sox Clinch AL West Title

Sept. 17, 1983 - the White Sox win their first division title. The team would go on to win the division by a then-record 20 games and finish the season 99-63.

Oh what might have been if they could only have beaten the Orioles in the best-of-five ALCS. Aside from 2005, I thought that '83 team had the best chance of winning the WS of any Sox playoff team.

People under age 35 might not appreciate how much of a big deal this was back then. It's not like today where making the playoffs is more common place thanks to 3-divisions + wild card. The Sox clinching the AL West was celebrated as if the Sox had won the pennant. It was first time either Chicago team made the post season since 1959. The game was telecast on Ch. 32, but Ch. 2, 5, and 7 cut in and were all allowed to show the final inning in its entirety.

Interesting to see all the fans running on to the field after the win. You used to see that all the time in the 70s and early 80s after a team clinched. MLB hasn't allowed that in years.
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