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Originally Posted by California Sox View Post
Eckersley actually proves James' point. He won 13 games as a 20 year-old for the Tribe and was one of the top top young players in baseball. His career got derailed for a while by arm woes and drinking, but he was able to put it back together in Oakland.

This thread is essentially a restatement of the old baseball saying, "the good ones come fast." And as players like Frank, Robin, and it appears Beckham, have proven that to be correct. The one thing I object to is the singling out of Treybone Shelby. The kid has done everything the Sox have asked of him. Publicly disparaging him is unkind and uncalled for. I mean, the meaning of this thread could be boiled down to "Shelby unlikely to be hall of famer..." well, duh.
Well said Cal.
Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
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