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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
It probably wouldn't take 16 minutes. I see no reason anyone with no one else in line would wait 16 minutes for a sandwich. There is no back room where they are making them. You can see what is going on.
You admit the service is slow, but no slower than 20 years ago as though that's somehow acceptable. There are thousands of businesses in this city competing for the same entertainment dollar, and the Sox are at best standing pat while at worst getting much more complacent and careless.

So I need you to walk me through this like I'm a 4th grader about how I should deal with concessions.....

When I order the sandwich, how long is proper to to wait? After how many minutes to I ask for my money back?

Where is there a manager, because I've seen very few over the last several years?

If I find one, how much of a fight do I have to put up in order to get my money back and head back to my seat?

Since the employees are horribly managed to begin with, do I trust the manager to get my money back in a more time effective manner than just waiting on the sandwich?

Or do I just walk away from the money having realized that I should always eat elsewhere before attending the game, because after all...the service has been bad/slow for 20+ years and I'd be foolish to think it would ever change?

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