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Originally Posted by KempersRS View Post
Morel's last 10:


3 doubles, 2 triples, 3 homers. Really hitting the cover off the ball and now hitting .324 for the year with Charlotte after hitting .326 at Birmingham.

One thing that concerns me is that he only has 1 walk in that span as well. I think I am extra sensitive about because of Dayan, but does anyone know about much about Morel's plate discipline?

Regardless, encouraging to see another bat coming along for the infield.
I don't think Brent will ever have spectacular plate discipline, but he's got much better discipline than Dayan. Dayan is talented enough to hit pitches that are outside of the zone (far outside), but he doesn't always make the best contact since he's always swinging at that ****. Brent seems much, much more selective, despite his low walk totals.

I'm also less concerned about his plate discipline (in general) because he projects as a very, very good defensive third baseman.
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