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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
I don't think Brent will ever have spectacular plate discipline, but he's got much better discipline than Dayan. Dayan is talented enough to hit pitches that are outside of the zone (far outside), but he doesn't always make the best contact since he's always swinging at that ****. Brent seems much, much more selective, despite his low walk totals.

I'm also less concerned about his plate discipline (in general) because he projects as a very, very good defensive third baseman.
Thanks for the insight. I guess it would seem feasible that they are going to give him the opportunity to start at third next year at the big league level. Creates a little bit of an issue if they wanted to bring Vizquel back. Have to assume Jones will be gone, and then really who knows how PK/Kotsay/Quentin shakes out.

Since it seems like they will actually be in better shape on the infield, I assume Teahen gets moved to the outfield. I think some people will cringe with Teahen being an every day right fielder, but I can't imagine they move him or use him as a super sub after the extension they gave him.

I suppose they could continue the rotating DH madness too. I honestly don't mind Teahen at the plate though.
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