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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Please provide proof that Robinson snubbed his nose at black players. I've never read anything of the sort. And It's not like MLB had a black player draft and only chose Robinson. None of what you are saying makes ANY sense. The MLB didn't choose him. Branch Rickey did. And the way MLB players and fans verbally abused him that first season, it's ridiculous to say that MLB chose him. You say you don't want to bash Jackie, but in a backhanded way, you are. Sounds like you wanted the movie to deliver dirt on him. Sorry you were disappointed.
Honestly if you read a few books on the Negro Leagues instead of watching a movie geared towards kids you will learn a little more on how alot of the old black players felt. I don't mean to say Robinson was hated by players in the Negro Leagues because he was viewed as a hero in alot of ways but alot of players did feel slighted by him. It's pretty well known about his clashes with Campanella and Newcombe and even if you watch interviews by Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell or Buck O'Neil they give him respect but they always made a point of saying that there were others who were better players.

There's actually a movie that gives a little insight to how Robinson was viewed. It wasn't the best movie but it's called "Soul of the Game" I read alot of baseball books and I found it interesting how Robinson was viewed by alot of black players in the old Negro Leagues.

I'm not trying to bash Robinson in a backhanded way either but after reading more and more about the Nero Leagues I kinda feel bad for the forgotten players.
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