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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
You said that Cabrera and Fielder "were playing out of their minds offensively." I was merely pointing out that they were actually playing at an offensive rate that was pretty much their career norms, and certainly nothing enough out of the ordinary to have a reason to believe that they'll regress any significant amount this coming year.
Fielder had never been a .300 hitter, although he had come close in the National League, but he hit well over .300 with the Tigers. He didn't have as many home runs playing in a bigger ballpark and didn't have as many RBIs as he had in seasons with the Brewers, but he was hitting behind the league leader in RBIs and home runs. He didn't walk as much, in part because he wasn't being walked intentionally nearly as often, but he did better by getting hits when he wasn't walking and struck out appreciably less than he had been striking out in his last three years in Milwaukee. If you are only looking at Fielder's OPS, you are ignoring what a great offensive season he had. He even hit over .300 with runners in scoring position overall and with two outs.

As for Cabrera, I expect that at some point his offense will peak. For the last couple of years, everything has fallen into place for him offensivlely. The stats stats don't tell you about the big hits Cabrera has had for the last two seasons. This year he hit .420 and slugged .720 with two outs and runners in scoring position. That was substantially ahead of his career norms. And I don't know that the Tigers will get that out of him again.
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