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Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
You know that people here overvalue this roster and dismiss anyone outside of it. That's most fan bases, though.

Detroit is a solid team. Their young outfielders also get more time to ease into game experience. That helps with their roster depth.

If the management can somehow improve the Sox lineup, then I'll feel better about our chances. I think our pitching staff is good enough to compete. We have enough depth and the experience gained by the younger arms will pay dividends next season.
To me the opposite is true for our fan base. Especially here at WSI where the grass is always greener on the other side mentality reigns supreme. If you ever listened to Chris Rongey's show after a loss, or a shaky win, you'd know that ALL of our players suck.

E.G. Every year our fans think that we're the worst team, or one of the worst teams in MLB, in hitting w/RISP. That we're the worst team in MLB in scoring a runner from 3rd w/less than two out, etc.... Yet, outside of 2011, every year we're pretty much middle of the pack or close to the top in those categories.

I have no problem giving other teams credit when it's due. Does Detroit have talent? Sure. Do they have as many flaws/holes as The White Sox? Yes.
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