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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
....Mark Buehrle is one of the guys who I doubt anyone would suspect of using steroids and the fact he pitched well in the steroid era could help him get in even more.

....Mark Buehrle unlike Reuschel won a World Series Ring and won it with a team that hadn't won in close to 90 years. Could help him.

....His perfect game and no hitter will stand out.

....has always been known as a gold glove player. Might work in his favor.

....Writers have always liked Buehrle and this could be helpful too. Especially in 10 to 15 years down the road when voters will be younger and more saber stat heavy.
1) Meaningless. Did you suspect Pablo Ozuna of using steroids? Did you suspect Fernando Vina? Andy Petite doesn't exactly scream user but he was too.

2) Also meaningless. They don't award hall votes for being a team with almost a century of futility.

3) Those definitely will. Very few have done that.

4) Probably doesn't mean a lot as it isn't really a "stat" that so many voters look for.

5) Was Mark really a big saber guy? He led the league in hits given up a few times. I'm not a saber guy myself but wouldn't that work against him?
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