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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo
I read in the Garcia trade thread that Anderson is showing similar OBP potential to Reed. That is good news and takes away some of the sting of losing Reed.

Does Anderson have plate discipline equal to Reed's? If not, do you expect it to progress to that level?

Put more simply, in your best estimation will Anderson make us forget about Reed?

Thanks in advance.
No, No, No. Anderson is nothing like Reed. Anderson is a power hitter with some decent contact skills. He'll never have the kind of plate coverage and discipline that Reed does. Any high OBP that he shows will be due to a high BA or being pitched around.

Anderson is likely to move to AA in the very near term now that a space will be created with the loss of Reed in AAA. Anderson is a much more natural CF'er defensively though, no question.
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