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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo
I read in the Garcia trade thread that Anderson is showing similar OBP potential to Reed. That is good news and takes away some of the sting of losing Reed.

Does Anderson have plate discipline equal to Reed's? If not, do you expect it to progress to that level?

Put more simply, in your best estimation will Anderson make us forget about Reed?

Thanks in advance.
Think about this in another manner. Reed was not your typical White Sox prospect. He has a good eye, takes a lot of walks, doesn't strike out too much, and makes a lot of solid contact, with occassional power. Most Sox position prospects are like Joe Borchard or Josh Fields. Power hitters that succeed if they are able to learn the strike zone and make more consistent contact. Reed was something of a rarity, and that is why some are so disappointed at us giving him up. Was he going to be a super-star or perennial All-Star? Most likely not, but he would have been a valuable cog in the wheel of an offense that currently fails to manufacture runs or score consistently against above-average pitching.
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