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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
But if you look at Anderson's numbers in Winston-Salem, you will notice that he has a very respectible 28:43 K:BB ratio in 248 at bats.

After watching both Reed and Anderson play many times, there's no doubt in mind that Anderson has a much higher ceiling. Whether or not he lives up to the potential is another story.
44:29 K:BB ratio, you had it reversed.

That ios not terrible, but he's basically playing at a level just slightly above what he played at in College, and only Casey Rogowski has been hitting anything consistently in W-S, it's not like he's overly protected hitting in that line-up.

Do Anderson and Borchard have higher ceilings than Reed? I'd say yes on both counts, but I'd also say that Reed had a higher likelihood of success or of being a good regular MLB contributor. One was a sure thing with a low likelihood of that turning into a star, and the other 2 have star potential with a lower likelihood of reaching it.
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