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I basically have "my own" beer vendor, I really have no use for an usher, and I rarely go to the concession stands, but it still bugs me that half of the park is closed when the lower bowl is full, even though it doesn't directly pertain to me. IMO that does not convey a "we're glad you're here" atmosphere and maybe that's why they don't get any "new" fans. Who wants to get a cheap seat in the LF corner and every stand is closed between you and the fan deck? I know it's not far but SOME people like to watch the game without missing 2 innings for a burger. Also, even though I have no need for ushers, I've seen them treat people like ****; they can't answer basic questions, and they move at a snail's pace if asked to get chairs for friends of disabled guests, for example. I've also seen people get berated on the way IN to the park by the traffic *******s. It's NOT a relaxing atmosphere for some and I can see a lot of people being "one and done" with the whole gameday experience.
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