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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
If what has been alluded to in this thread is true, that the Sox help out at-risk youth rehabilitate themselves into society, that is much preferable to me.

That said, I was at the game Sunday, got a beer from one of the carts, ordered some food from a few stands, and had no complaints about the service at all. I suspect some of this relates to what anyone who has ever worked in retail can tell you: The customers who always have bad experiences at places almost always are jerks with bad attitudes to begin with, while the customers who have pleasant experiences are generally nice people with a pleasant disposition.
To your point, I use Trip Advisor pretty regularly for hotel and restaurant advice. I have learned that wherever a poster has negative comments for a location that gets overall good reviews, to check some of their other comments . It is amazing that some posters on that site constantly have "complaints" about service wherever they go. I am not sure these people are jerks but I think some people are never satisfied and will "whine" about everything.
We live in an era where customer service everywhere is "different" than it was 30 years ago. I think most of us adjust but some get frustrated by their perception of what the service should be.
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