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"There was a lot of (apprehension) when I first went home to talk to my wife about it," Ventura said. "It turned us upside down. I have a good thing going and it was easy getting back into the game doing what I was doing. I had the freedom to coach and come back home. I think there was a lot of comfort in talking to the family that this was the White Sox, which for us is an extended family."
I have a hard time reading that as "I'm not the right man for the job." It certainly seems as though he was hesitant about taking it, but I'll be honest and say that I don't know what the cause of his hesitation is, based on that quote. I do appreciate you finding it.

Edit: The ESPN Chicago article published after Ventura was hired expands on the idea. Ventura was working as a special advisor to Buddy Bell before he was named manager. It sounds like his comment was in reference to the enormous change in his responsibilities, as being field manager would entail a greater committment than his advisory role, hence, his comment about "having the freedom to coach and come back home." I'm sorry, munch. I just don't see in his comments what you're seeing. We'll have to agree to disagree.

Originally Posted by blandman
Sorry, sometimes it's hard to keep track, what with all the "not personal attacks" directed at me on this board.
No comment.

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